Featured Fido


  • Meet Emma

  • Collie Mix
  • 9 years
  • Strengthening aging joints
  • Emma was already a tripod when I adopted her, over five years ago, but so active and spry that you’d never have called her “impaired.” We’ve run races and hiked mountains in CO and WA, and she herds her deaf housemate Elliot every day. Now that she is 9 + years old, I have noticed her slowing down, having bouts of soreness, requiring more frequent and substantial chiropractic adjustment, and occasionally being more anxious and irritated towards Elliot- no doubt due to discomfort.

    Enter Lyndsey and Fido Physio. The hydrotherapy and massage have literally changed everything. I had no idea how uncomfortable Emma must have been until I saw how much happier, resilient, and enthusiastic she became. Her chiropractor noted a difference after only two therapy swim sessions and she has not had a single bout of lameness since she started swimming weekly. She is also more comfortable with Elliot and less anxious in general. Lyndsey has been exceptionally kind, thoughtful and intuitive in our sessions and Emma gains confidence each week.