Intake Assessment

Fido Physio - Programs - Intake


  • Length

    60 min

  • Structure

    Staff Guided

  • Type of Dogs

    All Dogs

  • Swim Level

    All Skill Levels

One time fee


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What is a Client Intake Assessment?

This is your 1st appointment. Yay! It will be 60 minutes in length and is mandatory for anyone wanting to have their dog receive services with us or use our facility for puppy paddle and play, or splash and dash. Our number one goal is that the experience is positive.

Intake Assessment Form:
You’ll need to fill out our intake assessment form below. Please complete the form before your scheduled appointment. Thank you.

Intake Assessment Form

What to expect during your session

60 minutes

During this 60 minute appointment we will make sure your intake paperwork is complete and we get a current picture and weight of Fido. An assessment in and out of the water of the physical and emotional ability of your dog as it relates to a swim session and familiarizing you and your dog with the facility and swim coach.

Why does my dog need this?

The main goal during this first appointment is for Fido to feel that they are safe and supported the entire time. It can sometimes take a bit of effort to get your dog in the pool for the first time as this is a new environment, and it is not the same as a natural body of water. The hope is that we can work through any anxieties and get into the pool seamlessly. By the end of this appointment, you should understand how a swim session will flow and be comfortable with our facility. We will also have started to build a wellness plan for your dog to move forward with. Expect an excessive amount of praise and some treats too!