Service Dog Pool Rental


  • Length

    60 min minimum

  • Structure

    Self Guided

  • Type of Dogs

    Service & Professional Dogs

  • Swim Level


Ruff Waters - Large Pool

$100 hr

Up to x2 Dogs

Warm Springs - Small Pool

$75 hr

Up to x2 Dogs

Call 360 220 6807

Professional and Service Dog Pool Rental

This is only for professional dogs, Law enforcement, military, search and rescue, disability, and for those qualified to perform rehabilitative or other training services with dogs.

This is a facility rental, no Fido Physio staff assists during the rental period.

Note: Special pricing available for non-profits. Please call for rates. The minimum rental is 1 hour.

What to expect during your session

Why rent the pool?

All the therapeutic benefits of the warm water, plus a rigorous safe form of exercise for your canine that is stimulating mentally and allows you to practice your own training and fitness skills with your dog. This is a great way to bond with your dog and build their confidence. Swimming your dog for 30 minutes will help alleviate anxieties in them, and expel any built up energy they may have. Come see what your dog can do in the pool!