Off Site


  • Length

    60 min

  • Structure

    Staff Guided

  • Type of Dogs

    All Dogs

  • Swim Level

    All Skill Levels


1 hr minimum plus $10 for every 15 miles of travel

Call 360 220 6807

Custom Care - Right at Home

A water session with a trained canine aquatic swim coach who will customize a session that fits the needs of your dog and come to you!

Note: Must have completed an intake assessment before scheduling

* Must have access to a warm water pool.

What to expect during your session

Who is this for?

This is a great option for those unable to travel or those who have access to their own pool. High anxiety dogs/owners.

What does my dog get out of this?

By using this service, any stress travel may cause your dog is eliminated. Your dog gets to stay where they are the most comfortable and familiar while receiving 1 on 1 attention. This can benefit your dog’s body and mind. Physically, your dog receives all the natural benefits of the warm water; the increased blood flow and circulation, the relaxation allowing for tension to be released and muscle guarding to diminish, Lymph to be moved, and lungs can breathe deeper and fuller while focussing on building strength and endurance in a non weight bearing environment. The emotional benefits for your dog are confidence building they gain while being able to feel the support of the water, allowing them to move more freely and with full range of motion. This can improve their mood and bring out the puppy in them! Stimulating for their brain and senses, this is optimal for their emotional health.