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A proper approach to pooch wellness

A program designed for you and your pets goals

We understand what goes into the journey of owning a pet and we consider it an honor to be able to partner with you in creating a pathway to better living and wellness for your canine. We believe caring for an injured or aging and ailing dog is a sacred place and hope you can invite us into that space with you and your dog so that we may serve your special needs during this time. We also understand that trauma to our dogs is often a trauma to their owners. We want you to fell supported as well and we strive to bring hope and comfort to all our clients experiencing a trauma. So, for fun or for healing, we are here for you!

Paws to understand.

Assess: Assessing and understanding your canine’s situation is the first step in our process. We ask some key questions. Is your dog recovering from an injury? If so what are issues that need to be addressed? Is your dog on a specific exercise plan from your vet? What are your specific goals for your pet? Our assessment covers every aspect of your dog’s physical and emotional needs.

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Building the best program for your breed.

Build: Understanding that every dog’s needs are different, we take the time to design a program that is focused on making progress toward yours and your pets specific goals. Our team is committed to developing an action plan to see that those goals are met. As life with your dog changes so will their wellness needs. Our therapists are here to create a plan that can grow and change right alongside your dog.

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Fido Physio - Our Process - Build a Program

Putting the “wow” back in their bow-wow.

Commit: Once a plan has been designed our team moves into action. Our focus and professional care will come alongside to see that your friend starts on a strong path towards achieving their goals. We’ll continue to maintain the progress that has been made and be here to celebrate all the achievements all the way.

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Fido Physio - Our Process - Commit to the Plan