Therapy Swim 45

Fido Physio - Programs - Therapy Swim 45


  • Length

    45 min

  • Structure

    Staff Guided

  • Type of Dogs

    All Dogs

  • Swim Level

    All Skill Levels


  • 6$639
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What is a Therapy Swim?

Working in conjunction with any veterinary directives to plan a wellness program designed with the specific needs of your dog in mind, a trained canine water therapy swim coach will be guiding your dog in the water hands on. The swim coach is there to walk through pool entry and exit, perform stretches and massage, as well as monitor and track progress.

Note: Must have completed an intake assessment before scheduling

What to expect during your session

45 minutes

This is a 45 minute session start to finish. During this session your swim coach will aim to have a minimum of 30 minutes in the pool with Fido focused on addressing the wellness goals we have made in the intake assessment.

Who is this for?

This session is ideal for Dogs needing rehabilitation, strengthening, tension relief, confidence building, or for hard working dogs that need a paced session and/or do not have the stamina for a 60 minute session.

What does my dog get out of this?

Therapy swim sessions are great work for a dog’s mind and body. Physically, your dog receives all the natural benefits of warm water coupled with massage; the increased blood flow and circulation, the relaxation allowing for tension to be released and muscle guarding to diminish, lungs can breathe deeper and fuller. The viscosity of the water aids in your dog’s ability to move while feeling supported. This takes strain off of the body from bearing its own weight while at the same time increasing the resistance of each stroke building strength and endurance. Your dog will build confidence from being able to feel the support of the water, allowing them to move more freely, and with less pain. Reduction in pain improves their mood and brings out the puppy in them! A swim session is stimulating for their brain and senses. This is optimal for their emotional health, and will aid in physical healing as well. There are toys and treats and exciting new people!