Assisted Fitness Swim

Fido Physio - Programs - Assisted Fitness Swim


  • Length

    30 min

  • Structure

    Staff Guided

  • Type of Dogs

    All Dogs

  • Swim Level



  • 6$519
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What is a Assisted Fitness Swim?

This is a fun and energetic swim session focused on fitness and led by a trained canine aquatic swim coach. The focus of the swim coach is to guide the workout and it’s pace to meet the needs of your specific dog, maintain a safe entry and exit, and provide some light stretching, if needed. The use of toys, swim equipment , as well as weight tracking is included. The appointment is 30 minutes in total and 25 of that is in the water playing games and having fun!

Note: Must have completed an intake assessment before scheduling

What to expect during your session

Who is this for?

These appointments are designed for active healthy dogs who are independent swimmers needing little to no swim assistance, for dogs that have graduated from therapy swims and who’s recovery is far enough along for focused strength work, for dogs who can sustain 25-30 minutes of active swimming, show dogs, agility dogs, working dogs, and sporting dogs and puppies. A great option for owners who have dogs that need supplemental exercise for winter months or during times when the owner cannot meet the dogs exercise needs.

What does my dog get out of this?

Fun! These sessions benefit your dog’s body and mind. Physically, your dog receives all the natural therapeutic benefits of the warm water; the increased blood flow and circulation, the relaxation allowing for tension to be released and muscle guarding to diminish, Lymph to be moved, lungs can breathe deeper and fuller while focussing on Building strength and endurance in a non weight bearing environment. The emotional benefits for your dog are confidence building they gain while being able to feel the support of the water, allowing them to move more freely and with full range of motion. This can improve their mood and bring out the puppy in them! There are toys and treats and exciting new people. Stimulating for their brain and senses, this is optimal for their emotional health.