Featured Fido


  • Meet Captain

  • German Shepherd/ Husky Mix
  • 8 years
  • Seeking increased mobility and an exercise that is low impact.
  • When I met Captain, he was only a year old, and his whole life had been turned upside down. His family was forced to surrender him to the veterinary clinic I worked at because he had been hit by a car and suffered 2 very serious injuries, to his front and rear right legs. After 2 successful repair surgeries (and one botched!), as well as lots of love from the staff and recovery time in the hospital, Captain needed a new forever home, and it just so happened that I was in need of a dog. I never could have dreamed of asking for a better friend.

    Cappy has always needed to take joint supplements and has had a very low exercise tolerance for his whole life with me, due to his injuries and the resulting hardware. He never figured out how to swim on his own, though he has always enjoyed splashing in the water when his best dog friend would go out swimming for sticks.

    I had no idea that hydrotherapy could be such a big help to him until it was recommended to us and I saw how much it not only helps Captain’s friends but how they enjoy it. For a dog who can’t do high-impact exercise, I am thrilled to see how much exercise he can actually do during his hydrotherapy, and how satisfied he seems at the end of it. With the help of hydrotherapy, I feel he is on his way to a longer, healthier senior adulthood. He already seems to be quicker to stand up, and he climbs the stairs like a champ!

Featured Fido Image of Captain