Featured Fido


  • Meet Buttercup

  • Gold Retriever
  • 5 years
  • Luxating patella and to keep her hips strong
  • Buttercup is an adventure every week! She is a 5 year old Golden retriever who swims with us 2 times a week and works HARD! She loves the bumpers, especially the orange ones. She knows how to get to her bumper no matter where it is thrown, how many jets are on, or if it happens to be hidden behind the big Joe. Buttercup swims due to her luxating patella and to keep her hips strong. Buttercup knows it’s swim time when she drives over the rainbow bridge on Northwest Ave. and is ready when she hits the parking lot. Never ready for her swim to be over and always a bright spot in the day.

Featured Fido Image of Buttercup