Measuring Limb Circumference for Muscle Growth Tracking!

Measuring Limb Circumference for Muscle Growth Tracking!

Measurements can help us determine the overall symmetry and balance of the dog.

Keeping track of the dog’s limb circumferences over time will also help us see improvement in muscle mass, or if any weight loss or muscle atrophy has occurred.

A few things to think about:

  • I like to measure in cm, as it is easier to see the subtle differences, and often gets more accuracy than inches
  • Make sure you measure both the left and right sides of the dog in the SAME place of the leg, otherwise you will not be comparing similar areas!
  • If you like keeping track of numbers, or need more specific information about your dog, do multiple measurements on each leg. For example, measure at a specific point on leg, and also do a measurement as far up the leg you can go.
  • If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, use a leash and mark on the leash, then measure the length of the leash with a regular measure tape.​
  • Write it down! Keep track somewhere, like a notebook or excel document.
  • Measure often! I like to measure my dogs once a month.

Measurements can often provide important information to your canine bodyworker, and also can help you see an issue before it gets too bad.

Last thing…

It takes a while to get good at measuring 😉 Dogs are living, breathing creatures with minds of their own… there are many things that can go wrong LOL

I would recommend not trusting the very first measurements you get! Often the second or third sets are more accurate.

Any questions, let me know!

by: Lisa Petterson – Canine Fitness and Conditioning Coach


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