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June Carter

  • Meet June Carter

  • Lab/golden retriever
  • 14 years
  • Strengthening Aging Joints
  • June was always a very active canine, playing ball and running around the park. At 12 she blew her second ACL and soon after her 6-month recovery period from surgery was diagnosed with invasive cancer. Due to the type and location of her tumors, playing ball and long walks were no longer an option for her. She had loss strength and energy. She started swim therapy and it has had an amazing impact on both her physical and mental state. Not only has June been able to regain strength, but she also regained much of the confidence she lost from her mobility struggles. She just celebrated her 14th birthday (a birthday we didn’t think she would make) and her spirit is as sweet and happy as ever. She loves to swim, and her Fido Physio sessions are the highlight of her week. Swim therapy as truly given June an extended lease on life – a priceless gift for her human parents.

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