Lyndsey Stodola

Meet Lyndsey Stodola

Owner / Student SMAT

Hello, My name is Lyndsey Stodola. When I’m not swimming with dogs or running the business, I’m spending time with my family and getting outside to enjoy this amazing place we get to live in.

I am so lucky to be able to work with dogs every day. One of the constants in my life is always having a canine companion; life is better with a dog!

I first heard about canine warm water therapy in 2019. My brother and his wife were taking their lab for water therapy after having knee surgery. I was upset to realize this service has been available for years yet, I had not heard of it. In 2007 my Douge De Bordeaux (Hoss) had a TPLO done. I hated seeing him unable to move the way I knew he wanted to, and worse, I felt I was completely unqualified to help him in his recovery. Learning about warm water therapy for dogs I couldn’t help but think of how different our experience could have been having we known of this resource.

It was then I decided to open this business knowing warm water therapy could bring confidence and healing to the many dogs experiencing pain from injuries, surgeries, and other disorders. It would be a service that would also bring hope and support to the owners who cared for them. Out of a desire to help people and animals, Fido Physio was born!

I am certified in Canine Aquatic Swim Therapy, a student practitioner in massage through the Northwest School of Animal Massage, and an active member of the Association of Canine Water Therapy. I’m looking forward to bringing warm water wellness, and fun safe water fitness for your canine, to Bellingham! I hope you enjoy Fido Physio and thank you for letting us be part of all the ages and stages of your dog.