Kate McNutt

Meet Kate McNutt

Swim Coach

My life has always been full of all kinds of four-legged animals. I currently own two senior horses and a puppy. Pikante and Cody are both in their mid-twenties and fully retired from riding. Together we enjoy picnics, walks, clicker training sessions, and lots of snuggles! Cooper is my young Chesapeake Bay Retriever; he has made life very exciting, and I can’t wait for all our future adventures together. I am also the caretaker for the Whatcom County Humane Society‚Äôs farm animal facility. I love having the chance to protect animals of all sizes, ages, and health stages. I feel a very strong connection to our aging animal companions, I see them as innocent, vulnerable, and I am passionate about helping them through their senior years. In pursuit of a lifelong career in animal wellness, I am currently studying natural equine movement and plan to provide professional bodywork services to horses in the future.

I am so fortunate to be able to work with many different dogs. Seeing the changing water can have on them mentally, physically, and at every stage of life has been a wonderful experience and I am lucky to get to practice as a swim coach.

I am certified in levels one and two in the Heart of Canine Aquatic Water Therapy by Cindy Horsefall. I am CPR/First Aide Certified. I have also been certified by our very own Karen Theusen in my first level of Reiki training.

I pride myself on creating a safe space so you can watch your dog experience all the benefits water holds.