Puppy Paddle & Play

Fido Physio - Programs - Puppy Paddle & Play


  • Length

    30 min

  • Structure

    Self Guided

  • Type of Dogs

    Puppies: 14 weeks - 8 months

  • Swim Level

    All Skill Levels


  • 6$200
Call 360 220 6807

What is Puppy Paddle & Play?

This is a 30 minute open swim play date! This session is owner guided. There will be Fido Physio staff present poolside or in the pool to address issues or give encouragement and assistance if needed.

Note: Owners are responsible for their puppies and their puppies’ behavior with other pups. Staff reserve the right to ask any puppy showing aggression toward other puppies to exit the pool area at any time. You may rent a swim vest for $2 if you would like.

Must have completed an intake assessment before scheduling

What to expect during your session

Who is this for?

Open for up to 4 pups at a time ranging in age from 14/16 weeks to 8 months old. All puppies must have shown proof of second round vaccines.

What does my dog get out of this?

Fun! Swimming is an optimal form of exercise for puppies, especially large breeds who tend to grow a lot over a short period of time. This non weight bearing exercise allows for zero impact on your puppies growing joints while at the same time strengthening the supporting tissues that surround them. These sessions are a great time for you to bond with your pup over a new mentally and physically stimulating experience. Your puppy will build confidence and trust in a safe fun environment while socializing with other people and puppies and learning how to be a strong swimmer!